Public Notification

The law also requires us to publicly notify the application for a liquor licence.  This is done through two notices in the newspaper of the District Licensing Agency’s choice.  More often than not, this means the NZ Herald.  The public notices be no less than five days, and no more than ten days apart. 

These notices can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on the newspaper.

A copy of the public notice also has to be displayed on a conspicuous place on the front of the building to be licensed.  This notice must be displayed at the same time as the first publication in the newspaper and must remain on the site for two weeks. 

This gives the public the chance to see that an application for a licence has been lodged with Council, and gives them the opportunity to object should they wish to.  To qualify as an objector, you must have a greater interest than the public generally i.e. you have to live close by.