The law requires that at any time a licensed premise is open selling liquor that a certificated manager must be on duty.  The manager is then responsible for the compliance with the Sale of Liquor Act, and adherence to the licence conditions.

To become certificated you first need to obtain a Licence Controllers Qualification (LCQ).  This is done by completing a course with the relevant NZQA unit standards.  Course information can be found at 0800-227-872

Once you have the qualification, you need to apply at the District Licensing Agency that is closest to where you are working.  The DLA will also require the following documents to be submitted with the application:


  • Copy of your CV or resume showing any experience in the industry;
  • Two written character references;
  • A copy of the LCQ;
  • A photocopy of your passport or NZ driver licence;
  • A letter from your employer stating where you are working.